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Our comprehensive, concise, and focused online SAT video courses help you to efficiently review the SAT I content, to accurately decipher SAT questions, and to get your highest SAT score. Results guaranteed. Sign up, login to your account, and view the free demo courses.
Who should take our online video SAT courses?

SAT I Review - Bundle Best value for online SAT video courses : SAT I essay, vocabulary, Grammar, Math, Writing, and Critical Reading Over 30% OFF. Include:
SAT Introduction, SAT Essay, SAT Grammar, SAT Vocabulary, SAT Math, SAT Writing, and SAT Critical Reading. Only $97.99 for one-year unlimited online access.
SAT Essay online video course: SAT essay review, analyze the scoring guide, and review the approach to write a good essay Examines the requirements of SAT essay and College Board scoring guide, reviews essay writing approaches, and clarifies the procedures to use to write a good essay. For an essay score of at least 10.
SAT Grammar online video course: SAT grammar rules review, decode the writing section questions, learn the strategy Reviews the frequently tested grammar rules on the SAT, deciphers the SAT's grammar-related questions, and explains how to handle these questions with ease.
SAT Math online video course:SAT math content review, decode questions, learn the strategy Explores requirements of SAT math section, decodes the SAT's math section questions, reviews the four tested topics, and shows strategies on how to score above 750 in math section in short time.
SAT Vocabulary online video course: comprehensive online SAT vocabulary review, lists, fun practice, quiz, contest, and test Reviews the vocabulary requirements, study materials, and learning tools. After this course, students will be powered with word lists, practice tools, and learning strategies to master SAT I vocabulary fast.
SAT Introduction online video course: sat introduction- requirement, format, score distribution, and strategies Reviews general and technical requirements of the SAT, format, the score distribution, and preparation strategies.
SAT Critical Reading SAT critical reading content review, decode questions, learn the strategy Studies requirements of the SAT's critical reading sections, decodes the questions, and reviews the contents and learning/testing strategy for each type of question, with vocabulary prep. Ensures a CR score above 700.
SAT Writing SAT writing content review, decode questions, learning and testing strategy Analyzes requirements of the SAT's writing sections, cracks writing section questions, reviews contents and the strategy for each type of question. After this lesson, students will have the ability to answer almost any grammar-related questions.

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Who should take our online video SAT courses?

Our courses are for you if you have any of these feelings:

  • You want a good SAT score, but you have to do your school work and do not have a lot of time to study the SAT.
  • You practice a lot, but your SAT score does not go up.
If you feel any of the above, you are not alone. We are here to help you review for the SAT efficiently, to understand SAT questions better from the test-maker's point of view, and eventually to get the best SAT score.