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Merit and Need-based Scholarships Available Now!

Merit Scholarships

Students who sign up for any one of the 1-on-1 SAT Training Programs and StarCatcher Online Live SAT Preparation classes and StarCatcher SAT Self Training Kit will automatically be evaluated for the merit scholarship.


One Grant Scholarship(One per calendar year): Certificate and Cash $800 or the amount of winner's program fee, which one is less.
The grant scholarship winner will be the one who makes the greatest improvement on his/her SAT score in the calendar year.

Individual Scholarship: Student will get cash award from $50 to $150 if the student improves his/her SAT score by more than 50 points above the guaranteed score increase of his or her SAT preparation program.

Need-based Financial Aid

We offer need-based financial aid to the students who are motivated to study SAT but could not afford the StarCatcher SAT 1-on-1 programs or StarCatcher Online Live SAT Preparation Classes. To apply, please send an email to financial-aid@northstarelearning.com with the following information:
  • Your name, grade, and school name
  • Your parent name, phone number, and email address
  • Your parents 2011 total taxable income amount (DO NOT SEND THE TAX RETURN!)
  • Your current school transcript (as attachment)
  • Recommendation letter from your school counselor (as attachment)

The following terms apply for the above Merit and Need-based scholarships:
  • All the participants need to be attending school full time and more than 13 years old
  • The qualified SAT 1-on-1 Training Programs include:
    • One-on-One SAT Training
    • One-on-One SAT Training - Fast Track
    • One-on-One SAT Training - Express
    • One-on-One SAT Training - Extreme
    • SAT Self Training Kit
  • The SAT score increase amount will be calculated by your official SAT score, if you take the SAT before your SAT training program starts, or your pre-test score vs. your official SAT score after your SAT training program completes.
  • Although we will award the need-based financial aid before the program starts, the merit scholarships will be awarded after the programs complete.
  • Each individual will only be eligible for one scholarship.
  • In case the program fee of the grant scholarship winner is less than $500, we will reward 60% of the program fee to student and 40% of the program fee to his/her school.