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With our SAT Self Training Kit, Acing the SAT has Never been Easier!

Our signature program, the StarCatcher SAT self training kit, helps the students to prepare for the SAT more efficiently and economically at their own pace, schedule, and location.

This self training kit includes six components plus unlimited email assistance:

  • SAT word practice E-flashcards, mp3, and online word practice for over 5000 SAT words
  • SAT I Video courses 28 unit video courses that review all the subjects/concepts/skills on the SAT I
  • Full explanation for practices tests Full answer explanations for the practice tests in the book "Official SAT Study Guide"
  • SAT I: Identify weakness Full access to our online tool "SAT I: identify weakness"
  • SAT practice questions Hundreds of SAT practice questions
  • Personalized essay grading Essay grading by SAT essay experts

The online tool "SAT I: identify weakness", which is the core of the SAT self training kit, acts as a personal SAT trainer and tutor that guides the students to prepare for the SAT thoroughly and effectively at the students' pace and schedule by analyzing the students' test results, identifying their weaknesses, planning what the students should study next, and tracking the students' progress.

This tool enables you to be more focused on improving your weaknesses when you prepare for the SAT, so that you get much more out of this program that you can by taking SAT prep class even at much lower cost (only $399).

For now, this website is for the students to learn and practice using their mobile devices. To order , please check out our regular website http://www.northstarelearning.com/sat-self-training-kit

If you do need someone to guide you to prepare for the SAT, please check out our affordable SAT 1-on-1 Training programs starting from $599.

If you prefer an experienced instructor lead you through the SAT preparation, please check out StarCatcher SAT Online Live Class.